BELARUS-920 Tractor

The BELARUS-920 series tractor is intended for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines and implements, for hauling operations.

BELARUS-900.3 tractor with front non-driving axle.

BELARUS-920.3 tractor with front driving axle with planetary spur gear groups.

Environmental standard Stage II.


  1. Especially set up for tropical countries secure long life of this tractor.
  2. Easy to maintain and servicing
  3. Long life spare parts supply guarantee
  4. Special training for operators for free


Engine Model D-245.4S2
Power, kW (h.p.) 62 (84)
Wheel arrangement 4х2/4×4



Technical characteristics

Type diesel engine with direct fuel injection, turbocharged with intercooler
Model D-245.4S2
Power, kW (h.p.) 62 (84)
Crankshaft rated speed, rpm 1800
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
Displacement, l 4,75
Maximum torque, Nm 411
Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kWh 235
Factor of torque backup, % 25
Fuel tank capacity, l 135
Clutch dry, single-disk
Gearbox synchromesh
Number of gears: forward/reverse 14/4
Travel speed: forward/reverse, km/h (with a step-down reduction gear) 2,6-38,1 (2,0-28,8)/5,6-12,6 (4,2-9,5)
Rear PTO:
continuous I, rpm 540
continuous II, rpm 1000
ground-speed I, rev/m of travel 3,36
Hydraulic lift linkage
Remote-cylinder, with hydraulic lift, providing draft, positional, mixed and height adjustment of agricultural implement position.
Lifting capacity at suspension point, kg 4000
Maximum pressure, MPa 20
Pump performance,l/min 45
Hydraulic system capacity, l 28
Dimensions and weight
Overall length, mm 4060
Width, mm 1970
Height to cabin top, mm 2850
Track, mm:
front wheels 1535-2120
rear wheels 1500-2100
Agrotechnical clearance, mm 510
Least turning radius, m 4,5
Fordable depth, m 0,85
Operating weight, kg 4300
Tire sizes:
front wheels 360/70R24
rear wheels 18,4R34
Wheel arrangement 4х2/4х4

Specificity of the model

Renewed interior. Plastic facings of improved design.

Additional options

  • Metal-ceramic pads for coupling clutch;
  • Double-lever gearbox;
  • Creeper;
  • Brakes operating in oil bath;
  • Additional seat;
  • Kit for twinning of rear wheels;
  • Ballast weights for rear wheels;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Reverse reduction unit;
  • Step down reduction unit with reverse reduction gear;
  • Hydraulic drive for trailer brakes.


In sea containers.

Shipping costs depends on destination.


Upon request