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Why work with us

We are a grassroot value chain agribusiness systems provider, dedicated to simplifying and facilitating labour in the agricultural space through the provision of eco-friendly and affordable agricultural technology.


Research and technology cannot be the only drivers of agricultural productivity and innovation. The merge of technology and policy is crucial to agro systems and their application. Our team of experts are dedicated to training farmers on how to evolve and adapt to high-yield production systems, and use natural resources to complement land management eco-specific areas. Smallholders have been able to harness our expertise to sustainably improve their income and food supply from more diversified agricultural cultivation approaches.


Last two sentences-The market is changing as we provide effective solutions for smallholders at affordable rates. Technological advancements in fields like aerial imagery from drones, satellites, weather forecasts and soil sensors are facilitating crop management in real time, for farmers.


One of the surest ways to guarantee food security is investment in agriculture. Similarly there is a guarantee of reduction in poverty and hunger. Recent innovative leaps and sustainable agricultural systems and applications are not merely to drive food production but also to leverage opportunities to improve farmer livelihoods through sustainable employment. It is also geared at providing potable water, managing soil fertility levels, as well as building a hard-backed resilience in dealing with pests and holistic and balanced dieting. We support governments, civil society and the private sector in identifying feasible policy options that address gender inequality as well as reduce continental youth migration.


With our world renowned and highly skilled...we have developed innovative systems in specific areas of our assignment that have put us under the international spotlight. Our methods and applications establish a long-term food production system that enables safe, wholesome and sustainable processing.

Our sustainable agro services

Agric Consultancy

With our renowned and highly experienced Internationally recognized Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Experts, who have consulted for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of the Republic of Ghana, among others, have developed innovative systems in their areas of assignment that have gain international recognition with high level of productivity.

Our methods and applications creates long term food production which enable sustainable processing that is safe and wholesome.

Outgrower Scheme

We effectively design and develop smallholders into Outgrower Schemes, which over time evolve into Co-operative groups, enhancing diverse sustainable agricultural objectives. The schemes are fashioned to canvass greater private sector investment in developing countries and to provide sustainable sourcing practices by bringing smallholders into mutually beneficial partnerships with large buyers and also increase their revenue through better crop yield, quality training, access to credit and markets. Currently, we support over 5,000 Outgrower schemes in different production categories, the majority of which are women and youth with a minimum of 1-2 hectares.

Sustainable Mechanization

Sustainable agricultural mechanization complements human labour in agricultural production in economically and environmentally sustainable ways that eradicate labour shortage, smoothen productivity and promptness as far as agricultural operations are concerned, while creating new employment opportunities. We provide innovative agronomic services, with regards to land development, cropping, land preparation, seeding, plant protection and post-harvest loss prevention, as well as other alternative mechanization implementations that have the potential to boost efficiency along the entire agricultural production value chain. Farmers with a special credit system have access to the latest of agricultural technology that will jumpstart them away from subsistence farming to more large-scaled market -oriented farming, giving them more traction in the sector, coupled with an appeal to rural youth.

Range of our products

Based on our long year expertise we offer reliable and affordable machinery


60-80 HP
80-110 HP
110-300 HP




Hand Power Tillers
Small Tractors

Our strategic partners

At A&G Agro Mechanical Industries, we select Strategic Partners with great care and detailed consideration, as they represent essentially who we are as a company. The primary prerequisites are specialized experience and strong core business values. Besides that, there is the quality of products and services prepared for our clients, to also consider and scrutinize.

We esteem very highly, qualities like, a broad knowledge of diverse areas in our field, top-notch service, promptness in delivery and co-operation that is independent of all external partner influence, as well as a high level of accountability and procedure among partners. The perk for our customers is that they have access to a wide range of matchless expertise and products, at customer-considerate rates.

Our team

Thomas Abanga

CEO & Founder

Ing. Dr. Edward Benjamin Sabi


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