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Our Team

Our team

A successful team is one where everyone’s unique skills and strengths help the team achieve a shared goal in the most effective way. 
Our team roots are from different cultures with a mixture of languages and academic backgrounds, plus a strong team effort in every project account for much of our success.


Thomas Abanga

CEO & Founder

Thomas Abanga is the founder and CEO of A&G Agromechanical Industries Ltd. (A&G). 

Thomas Abanga is an agripreneur and a recognized expert in the areas of Agribusiness Investment Analysis and Global Trade. As Senior Managing Partner of Abanga Group and Abanga Farm Systems Ltd, he is deeply committed to the global community as a promoter of innovative agronomic practices and rural agricultural development. He believes in linking traditional research and innovation with development initiatives to boost the transportation of innovation in agriculture and food systems to make them more resilient to climate change and better respond to development demands. His work as a consultant is therefore focused on these areas.

Thomas brings 25 years of investment analysis, industrial trading, and transaction management experience to Abanga Group. He previously worked for Enron and First Providence Financial Group as Senior Financial Analyst with responsibility for alliances and acquisitions, and cost-benefit projections. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and an MBA in Finance and Investment from Columbia Business School. He also completed several Agribusiness Management programs at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands.

As a leading innovator in sustainable agriculture, Thomas is dedicated to tackling complex farming challenges to create lasting profit for farmers everywhere. He has spent over a decade applying modern mechanization practices to traditional farming ecosystems, in order to scale the adoption of digital tools that increase productivity and income for farmers. 

This work earned him recognition by the African Farming Magazine as one of Africa’s leading agripreneurs.
Thomas believes that together, we can achieve a world with zero hunger, more wealthy small-scale farmers and agribusinesses, and safer environments.


Ing. Dr. Mahama Aliu Aduna

Head of Consulting

Mahama Aliu Aduna is a professional Engineer (Agricultural Mechanization Expert) with over thirty five (35) years of teaching, research and senior level managerial experience in three Universities (local and overseas), Science Organization, Youth Associations, United Nations (International/Regional/National consultant) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana. 

Traveled to many European (West and East), Central Asian, Far East, American and African Countries. 

Good leadership qualities of being fair and modest but firm and decisive. Recognize the importance of being cultural sensitive. 

Good work ethics, willing to work long hours to have any assignment or task completed on time. Strong sense of teamwork and team player; gets along well with both peers and supervisors from diverse cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. Willing to learn, eager to explore novel fields and capable to perform duties efficiently under pressure. 

He has been the Chief consultant with A&G and has helped in the execution of the following projects: the Osudoku Agriculture Cooperative Society Farm Mechanization Project, Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement (ADVANCE) II project, procuring machinery for the Ghana Organic Vegetable and Marketing Association, the Ghana Rice Development project, etc.

Slawomir Szulecki 600x500

Slawomir Szulecki

Head of International Operations

Slawomir Szulecki is a seasoned business-man and a serial entrepreneur. Slawomir studied civil and water engineering at Technical University in Warsaw (Poland) and in Hannover (Germany). In 1993 Slawomir moved into the fashion world distributing premium brands as JOOP! and Rene Lezard in Eastern Europe. His retailers were based in Eastern European countries. Currently he is distributing famous luxury brand Karl Lagerfeld in Poland.

In 2011, Slawomir moved to Ghana to start his investment projects. He collected almost four years of experience there and is well connected to the country leaders. He has other companies dealing with agribusiness and does undertake trade facilitation between European companies and African companies. His partners in Europe are Big Dutchman (world leader in poultry and piggery equipment), Akpil (implements, Poland), Frontier Connect (modern weather station and soil quality data collection, Luxembourg), Grupo Chamartin (leader in irrigation systems, Spain), Spomax S.A. (leader in production of mils for flour, starch, Poland) etc.

He is actively supporting his local partners in Africa in participation in tenders, e.g. in Liberia, Ghana and Namibia.

Having extensively travelled the continent and investing in businesses, he has come to appreciate the level of poverty and the food insecurity that plagues the African continent. He also understands the challenges in putting together the necessary logistics to harness the much-touted Africa’s agricultural potential. It is for this reason he’s come on board A&G Agro Industries Ghana Limited team as European Coordinator to help create partnerships between A&G Agro Industries Ghana Limited and European companies looking to set up and partner African companies for growth.

He’s has organised several trade missions for the companies above across Europe in 2019 and in 2020, which is already yielding results. Slawomir connected A&G Agro Industries Ghana Limited to many European organisations and authorities. He’s also an expert in financial engineering introducing financial support to best conditions of Polish and other Exim Banks for African partners.

Edward Benjamin Sabi

Ing. Dr. Edward Benjamin Sabi

Snr. Consultant, Soil & Water/Irrigation Expert

Edward Benjamin Sabi is a professional Agricultural Engineer with specialization in irrigation engineering with three (3) years’ experience as consulting engineer for a Japanese company and over seventeen (17) years’ experience teaching and research in the university in Ghana. 

Very hardworking, dedicated and have the ability to work with little supervision. His research interest is in the use of biomass boards produced from agricultural residue for water conservation, erosion mitigation and weed control.

Some of the past works done include a project on “Sustainable food production through irrigated intensive farming systems in West Africa” as well as “Green Cohesive Agricultural Resource Management (WEBSOC)” which were funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark through DANIDA.

He is a senior consultant with A&G and has helped in the execution of the following projects: the Osudoku Agriculture Cooperative Society Farm Mechanization Project, Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement (ADVANCE) II project, procuring machinery for the Ghana Organic Vegetable and Marketing Association, the Ghana Rice Development project, etc.