We have visited the biggest Fertilizer producer in Belarus – BelFert – OJSC Gomel Chemical Plant.

OJSC «Gomel Chemical Plant» is the part of  Belorussian state oil and chemistry concern and since 1965 the only phosphorous fertilizers producer in the Republic of Belarus.

The company specializes in manufacture of phosphorous fertilizers (ammophos, ammoniated superphosphate and nitrogen phosphor potassium fertilizers), sulfuric acid (of technical, accumulator and enhanced grades), aluminum fluoride, cryolite, aerosil, sodium sulfite of photo and technical grades, crop protection agents a.o.

The company produces above 30 types of products many of which meet the quality specification of foreign analogues.

Specific grades of fertilizers containing all primary nutrients are elaborated for Belorussian soils.

A&G Agromechanical Industries has its long year experience in fertilizer supply and expertise for special crops in certain areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fertilizer use is essential for wide-scale sustainable improvement of crop productivity in tropical Africa even though smallholder farmers commonly are severely constrained financially. They require high profit/cost ratios of their investments, with acceptable risk, to gradually reduce the limitations of poverty. Fertilizer use can be highly profitable with good crop-nutrient-rate choices made in consideration of the farmer’s financial and agronomic context.

The services and expertise of A&G Agromechanical Industries in maximizing the profit/cost ratio and it is based on our adequate access to common fertilizers and know-how of how to implement them in the agriculture process in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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