Mounted type 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 ltr garden sprayer connected to the three point linkage of tractor and getting drive from (P.T.O) are used for multipurpose plant protection.

Even the tractors engine at idle, the spraying gun has drive which enables to spray high trees.

The dimension of the sprayer is designed to enable the machine to move in narrow lines, among low and high trees.
The sprayer, spray the liquid as tiny droplets carried by air under high pressure from nozzles.
By means of its wide spraying angle adjustment, vineyards and agricultural areas such as, tobacco and hop fields are easily and effectively sprayed.
Garden sprayers are used for cleaning processes of poultries and disinfection of the barns.
By attaching a spraying gun to the sprayer it is possible to spray the garden and by attaching a spraying boom it is also possible to spray the fields.
Garden sprayers are equipped with a spraying gun which has an angle setting, directs the fluid to the desired distance and surface.
400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 ltr sprayer tanks areproduced from polyethylene or fiberglass material.
Every parts of the sprayer gun are made from chrome-brass and nozzle plates are made from stainless steel. With this specification there will be no blocking problem due to the corrosion. With the easily grabbed handle, the angle and the flow rate can be adjusted easily. Spraying distance is changing between 10-20 meters depending on the diameter of plaques and appropriate pressure.