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A & G Agro-Mechanical Industries to Build a Multi-faceted Agro-Industrial Centre to Enhance its Operations

A & G Agro-Mechanical Industries Limited, a subsidiary of the Abanga Group with its headquarters in Accra is to establish a multi-faceted Agro-Industrial Centre to enhance its operations as a pan-African agribusinessRead More…


Abanga Farms Partners Izako Farms to Cultivate 10,000 Acres of Maize, Soya Beans With Cashew

Abanga Farms & Food Systems (AFFS), a Ghanaian owned premium agribusiness company and subsidiary of the Abanga Group of Companies, has announced the cultivation of 10,000 acres of maize and soya beansRead More…


A & G Agro-Mechanical Industries, Abanga Farms Starts Commercial Farming in Liberia And Namibia

A & G Agro-Mechanical Industries Limited and Abanga Farms & Food Systems (AFFS) Limited, subsidiaries of pan-African agribusiness conglomerate Abanga Group, have extended their commercial farming programme into two additional African Countries.Read More…