KARTAR 3500 G Harvester

Tracked harvester for muddy soils. Protects soil surface with less pressure.

This Harvester is made by using supreme quality material which is strong and can put up with the agricultural needs.

KARTAR is respected for manufacturing top quality harvesters in the agricultural machinery & farm equipments in the global markets. KARTAR leads the market for its precision design & very cost effective pricing. Indeed this is a breakthrough innovations in the combine harvesters sector all over the world. It is an ideal mechanism for carrying out harvesting as well as threshing operations across the vast fields.


  • Energy saver
  • Speedy performance
  • Less maintenance requirement




Technical Specifications

  • Type Of Engine: Ashok Leyland
  • Model: ALU04WD
  • BHP Maximum: 76 PS @ 2200 RPM
Thresher Drum
  • Dia of Drum: 600 mm
  • Length of Drum: 765 mm
  • Speed of Drum: 600 to 950 rpm
  • Adjustment: Mechanically
  • No. of Spikes: 90
  • Type: Full Hydro Static Controlled Independently by Two Levers
  • Speed: 0-10 Km/hr.
  • Length: 6300 mm
  • Height: 3250 mm
  • Width: 2350 mm
  • Weight: 4700 Kgs. Approx.
  • Cutter Bar
  • Width: 2300 mm
  • Height Adjustment: Hydraulically
  • Type: Pick up
  • Speed Adjustment: Mechanically
  • Height Adjustment: Hydraulically
Straw Walkers
  • No. of Straw Walkers: 4
  • Area: 13135 sq. cm.
  • Type: Forced Air Cleaning
  • Adjustment: Mechanically
Product Details :
  • Brand: Kartar
  • Diameter of Drum: 600 mm
  • Length Of Drum: 765 mm
  • Number Of Spike: 90
  • Number Of Straw Walker: 4
  • Speed Of Drum: 600 to 950 rpm
  • Cutter Bar Width: 2300 mm


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