Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Introduction
This is a professional corn harvester used for harvesting corn/maize cobs without husk (it is equipped with stripping system). It is independently developed by our company, employing advanced European technology that has been granted national patent, learning advanced home technology as well as combining our own development experience.

Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Highlights
1. It is a combine corn harvester with reaping 3 rows corn, finishing corncob picking, stripping, conveying, assembling, uploading and corn straw crushing synchronously.
2. Self-propelled machine, hydraulic step-less speed adjustment.
3. Cutter bar hydraulic control lifting, good adaptability of harvesting height and row space.
4. Huge grain tank, hydraulic control turning, high efficiency and time-saving.
5. Compact structure, high agility, low harvesting loss rate with few impurities.
6. Corn stalk can be returned back to the field as customer required.
7. Equipped with reversing radar, improving the driving safety.
8. Suitable for large area/land corn harvesting with large capacity.

How Does a Corn Combine Harvester Work?
Modern corn combine harvester performs corncob picking, stripping, conveying, assembling, uploading, corn straw crushing and more as it is driven through the fields. And the harvester is working as following: separating cobs from the stalks, cleaning the cob, transporting cobs into the hopper and discharging the hopper of the trailer.