Trailed type 1000, 1600, 2000 ltr mistblower connected to the drawbar of tractor and getting drive from (P.T.O) are used for multipurpose plant protection.

Spraying pump is getting the power from P.T.O. and deliver the liquid under the pressure to nozzles on the spray fan. Propeller getting drives by PTO provide pressured air release in the field. Release of the pressured air direction can be adjusted by guide wings. By means of this facility, pressured air can spray effectively each type trees 2 rowed 10-15 meters height as fruit gardens, vineyards and cultivated areas.

1000,1600,2000ltr sprayer tanks are produced from polyethylene or fiberglass material.

All sprayers have a filter system which enables spraying without blocking. There are cartridge filters before tank outlet and nozzle inlet, also a sieve at the intake of the tank.