Underground Tubers Harvester/Digger/Excavator


This machine is used for the harvest of tuber crops like peanuts, potatoes, gingers, sweet potatoes and garlic.The machine is the key products of China National Agriculture Technology Support Program, with three patents.

It has four main technical characteristics:
1, with reinforced chain conveyor;
2, equiped with serrated vine pullers;
3, designed with disc grass cutters;
4, with combined diamond-shaped diggers.

The machine can be mounted to wheel tractor directly for operation. It has the features of strong adaptability, easy operation, high efficiency, small broken rate, low harvest losses, safe and reliable. It can finish the job of crops vine cutting, tubers digging, tubers earth shaking off and ridge shaping in one procedure.

This tubers harvester has enhanced type, it has soil crusher, especially for the hard soil and compacted soil, which tubers are difficult to dig.