A&G signed an MOU with Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture.

We are proud to announce, that we have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to promote mechanized rice farming in Liberia.

The MOU is also geared towards ensuring food security, increase domestic rice production as well as create employment opportunities for farmers.

Cllr. Sayma Cyrenius Cephus, Deputy Agriculture Minister for Regional Development, Research and Extension signed on behalf of the Liberian Government while the Chief Executive officer and president of A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries, Thomas Abanga signed on behalf of his company.

The signing ceremony took place at a local resort in Monrovia on Sunday, September 9, 2018.

We are a grass-roots cost-effective one-stop comprehensive farming/agriculture business solutions provider. We envision a world or society of sustainable growth, progressive development and economic self-sufficiency for every citizenry.

The mission of our company is to empower the agricultural community to eradicate hunger and poverty by assisting agriculturalist and private farmers in developing their long-term economic prosperity and self-sufficiency through cost-effective tractors, implements and modern designed farming techniques training.

Liberia is not different from Ghana – everything what A&G Agro Company is doing in Ghana, same will be duplicated in Liberia.

A&G Agro is collaborating with Universities in Ghana to provide technical training for students in the agriculture sector and will collaborate as well with technical Universities and institutions in Liberia to provide practical training to students. We believe that Liberians need to start producing their own rice and minimize the consumption of imported rice.

The rice will be produced mainly for consumption purposes, at the same time the surplus will be sold out to other African countries. So, we do intend to just produce in Liberia, but we also intend to distribute it on the market. Our goal is to create a lot of job opportunity for many people in rural Liberia because the outburst scheme will put money in the hands of people.

Cllr. Sayma Cyrenius Cephus, Liberian Deputy Agriculture Minister for Regional Development, Research and Extension, who signed the MOU for Liberian, commended the delegation on behalf of President George Weah for such partnership, which, he says, will bring more relief to farmers in the country.

According to him, under the MOU the government of Liberia will provide a total of ten thousand acres of land, “We will start with one thousand as a pillar project.” The pillar project, he said, will also become the bid to attract other investments, that people will see and during that exercises, it will be an outburst scheme.

The MOU will allow A&G Agro to produce the rice and also train farmers, thereafter the government will be the off-taker.

Cllr. Cephus (r) signed the MOU on behalf of the Government of Liberia, while Mr. Abanga affixes his signature to the document for A and G Agro- Mechanical.