Meeting with the biggest solution provider for poultry and piggery in the world

In May 2019 we have visited the world leader offering practical, economical and environment-friendly solutions for our future needs.

Big Dutchman has planned and realised feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production already since 1938.  Their products help to produce high-protein food commercially – because they want the farmer to be successful. If you are to work economically, automation and cost-conscious management are essential prerequisites.

Big Dutchman is the recognised market leader in the entire industry. Across five continents and in more than 100 countries, their name stands for long-lasting quality, rapid service and unsurpassed know-how. Their innovations have had considerable impact on livestock management and will continue to do so.

We have been talking about the co-operation possibilities for Africa and agreed to start the pilot project in the near future.

We believe, with Big Dutchman systems we can built safe and profitable eggs, poultry and piggery production and increase significantly the amount of protein in current and future food value chain.